Vision Inspection

Vision Inspection Equipment

Specification Unit Details
Product Size mm Ø10x10x10 ~
Ø100x100x100 (mm)
Inspection Item - Short shot, Burr, Black speck,
Inspection Area - Top, Side, Bottom
Inspection Speed ms Customer Spec
Camera Pixel Pixel Option
Camera Type - Rolling, Global shutter or Others
Camera Q’ty ea Customer Spec
Lens - Customer Spec
Lighting System - Customer Spec
Machine dimensions
mm 800 x 3,000 x 2,000
Machine weight Kg 800 (approx.)
Controller & GUI - PLC & PC
Power - 220V, 1 Pulse, 10A, 60 Hz
Design changes can be made to match the size and shape of inspected products and the type of defects.